Frequently asked questions

What's needed to start using Gravity?

Book a demo with our sales team to have your use case evaluated and get your account set up. No credit card required.

Which data sources can I connect to?

We have a dedicated page with a list of the data sources available in Gravity.We are updating our connector list often but if you would like to see a specific one, please email us at

Which data warehouses can I plug into Gravity?

We have a dedicated page for the different destinations available in Gravity.Please email us at if there is a destination you would like to use.

How long does it take before I can setup my first connection?

Gravity is self-serve, which means from your first login you can immediately setup new connections to your data sources in seconds.If any help needed, you can just email us at or click on the chat box in the bottom left corner.

Is my data secure with Gravity?

Security has been baked in to the product from the start. Encrypted by default including at rest, endpoint protection, pen testing, ISO27001 controls and anomalous behaviour detection.

How much is Gravity costing?

Gravity's pricing is based on number of rows synced. In order to provide accurate pricing, please contact sales.